Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 06, 2024


CityROVER Inc. and its affiliates (alternatively referred to as “CityROVER”, “We”, “Us”, and “Our”) provides an online platform through our website(s) and application(s) to be considered simply as a tool used by you (Alternatively referred to as, “User”, “You”, and “Your”), to assist you in automatically collecting incident data for improving operations in your organization. (the “Platform”)

We appreciate your use of our Platform and any contributions you make to our Platform, through purchases and otherwise. 

CityROVER values your privacy and has designed this policy so that you can understand what personal information of yours is collected, stored, how we use it and why we need it.

We consider your personal information, such as your name, gender, postal address, e-mail address, and phone number as private. By using our Platform, you will also acquire and upload certain incident data which will be stored on our servers. We also consider incident information as private. However, for us to be able to provide this service, we therefore need to collect, store, use and under some circumstances disclose your information. 

What information we collect

We may collect the following information:

  1. Content and other information you provide when you use the Platform,  including registering for an account, creating an incident, and making adjustments to your acquisitions. This can include information in the content that you provide, such as your user information, incident photos, GIS breadcrumbs collected by the app, address ranges, and other information that is generated automatically or by the CityROVER app on the Platform which include the App and the cloud service. We also collect information about how you use the Platform, including the content that you view or engage with, search criteria and/or filters that you apply, which profiles, acquisitions, services or features you interact with and the frequency and duration of your activities.

  2. Content and other information other people do and information they provide when they use Platform, including information about you,  such as occasions where they view your profile, they view or engage with your listing, communicate with you, try to or make offers on your property, including content in their offers or communications with you, and the frequency and duration of their activities

  3. Information about your payments through the Platform,  such as your credit card or debit card number and other card information, relevant account and authentication information, and billing shipping and contact details when you purchase a product or service from us.

  4. Information about the devices which you use,  such as your IP Address, name of your internet service provider, browser type, language preferences, time zones, location, device type, OS type and mobile number.

How we use your Information

We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To facilitate the registration, management and verification of your account on our Platform

  2. To facilitate contact between yourself and CityROVER so we can:

    1. ask you about your experience using our Platform so we can improve our service;

    2. respond to your questions, comments, suggestions and feedback;

  3. To facilitate contact between yourself and service providers for services or products which you purchase on the Platform;

  4. To facilitate a targeted experience for you when using the Platform;

  5. To improve relevance of detections using the CityROVER Platform; 

  6. To measure the success of detections obtained through the CityROVER Platform; 

  7. To analyze your patterns of use so that we can continually improve the Platform experience;

  8. To train artificial intelligence models better aimed to provide functions, inference and statistical analysis or reports on road conditions and related incidents;

  9. To collect and analyze other statistical analysis

  10. To promote safety and security

  11. To detect and/or prevent prohibited or illegal activities.

  12. To enforce the platform's terms of use. This may also include sharing the data with companies affiliated with CITYROVER INC for the purpose of enhancement of our offerings

  13. For other purposes as described in this policy, or explained when the information is collected

What information we share with other parties

Information Shared Through The CityROVER Platform

    1. Data.  Other than CityROVER using data obtained on the CityROVER platform for the purpose of improving its service quality, accuracy, speed, and other factors that may be of interest to you and other customers, we do not share your data with any other party, unless required to do so under a legal action.

    2. Third Party Integrations.  Your data may be shared digitally by you through our integration interface with apps, websites and third-party integrations. When you share your information through such third parties, other terms and conditions of use, as well as privacy policies may apply to your data. We do not take any responsibility for and have no control of these third parties terms and conditions or privacy policies.

    3. Third Party Links.  When you follow third party links through the Platform, new terms and conditions, as well as privacy policies may apply. We suggest you familiarize yourself with such terms and conditions and privacy policies of third party sites.

    4. Our affiliated companies.  Such companies may also have access to the information available through the platform. In the event that they do, the terms of privacy of the affiliated companies shall be the same as ours in relation to the CityROVER Platform.

    5. New Owner,  if the ownership or control of all or part of our Platform or its assets changes, we may transfer your information to a new owner.

Information Shared With Third Parties

CityROVER may also disclose your information to third-parties:

Suppliers, Service Providers, and Other Partners.  We work together with other third party vendors, service providers, and other partners who help us operate the Platform, including hosting providers, providers for products or services which you purchase form us, technical service providers, consultants, customer service providers, payment providers, or research providers. We carefully select such providers and ensure that appropriate confidentiality requirements are set in place, and that the information shared with such providers is on a required, or need to know basis.

Information Accessed, Preserved or Copied for Legal Reasons

We may be required to access, make persistent or backup your information in response to:

    1. requests under a search warrant, court order, subpoena;

    2. requests coming from international jurisdictions outside of Ontario or Canada;

    3. requests made in regards to civil or criminal proceedings;

    4. reports or suspicions of fraud or otherwise other legal activities;

    5. support ongoing investigations;

    6. reports or suspicions of potential bodily harm or death;

    7. prevent fraud or abuse of our services;

    8. breach of our terms of use; and

    9. other legal requests, obligations or investigations.

We will handle such requests and situations on a case by case basis, and where believe in good faith that such action is necessary, we will proceed with accessing your data, and backing it up on a persistent basis to deal with such incident.

What if I Have questions in regards to this privacy policy?

If you have any questions in regards to this privacy policy, please email and we will contact you within the time frame specified in the auto-reply email.

Can you let me know if there are any changes to this policy?

Yes, we will provide notifications through the Platform in regards to changes in our privacy policy 30 days before it is applied. 


Our platform may need to use to cookies. A cookie is a file that is installed on you device’s storage and it contains information and parameters that would enhance your experience of using the Platform and may be required for the operation of the Platform. We may also collect information from cookies in your browser about other sites you have to in order to customize the experience for you